/r/BTC Moderator leaves split Bitcoin Community

One of the moderators of /r/BTC said goodbye to a quarreled community. Despite the current high altitude, the sky of Bitcoin is not full of violins. The Bitcoin community has been somewhat divided for some time now. On the one hand, there are those who fully support Bitcoin Core. On the other hand, there are Read More

Bitcoin: History and Differences of BTC, BCH and BSV

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV. Who’s supposed to be in control? Reason enough to see how the projects came about and how they differ. Almost ten years after the birth of Bitcoin, the electronic peer-to-peer money system, there are several technologies that claim to be “the true Bitcoin”. The most popular candidates at the time Read More

A crypto currency that can’t be tracked

But the world of crypto currencies is diverse and constantly evolving. Monero developer Howard “hyc” Chu described Monero in his presentation at DefCON26 Monero as the Bitcoin 2.0. Monero is what people initially thought about Bitcoin – the “anonymous hacker money”. In addition to the many errors that Monero ironed out in comparison to the Read More

Podcast: How meaningful is the market capitalization?

Market capitalization is one of the most recited metrics when it comes to evaluating a crypto currency like Bitcoin. But a closer look shows that this measure is not without it. You know this: Open your browser and check the market capitalization of the crypto currencies first. After all, the market capitalization pages have experienced Read More