Welcome to the Rpad home page

Rpad is an interactive, web-based analysis program. Rpad pages are interactive workbook-type sheets based on R, an open-source implementation of the S language. Rpad is an analysis package, a web-page designer, and a gui designer all wrapped in one. Rpad makes it easy to develop powerful data analysis applications that can be shared with others (most likely on an intranet). The user doesn't have to install anything--everything's done through a browser.

New Demos

Google Code Hosting and Forum

Rpad is also now hosted at Google Code. This provides a forum for Rpad, SVN access to the development version of Rpad, and an issue tracker. The key links are:

Dojo Version of Rpad

The client-side code for Rpad 1.x has been re-engineered. It is based on Dojo, a flexible javascript toolkit. The main advantages made possible by Dojo are:

This new version also has a number of other improvements:

The old client code is still present, so old pages *should* work without change (example). See here for a list of changes needed for new pages.

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How to Run Rpad

Rpad can be set up with a webserver like Apache, or Rpad can be run locally using a built-in webserver. Install Rpad as an R package. Run it locally or install it on a server. To run it locally after installing the Rpad package into R [install.packages("Rpad")], just use the following to start Rpad from within R:


This runs a mini webserver and launches your browser to an Rpad startup page. This version can also be installed server-style with Apache (tested on windows and linux) or another server.


Electric power utility reliability tools Electric power examples General Rpad examples R helpers



Rpad is available at CRAN or here:

Debian packages that include the local and server versions (the easiest way to install the server version of Rpad):

Older versions: Downloads

Rpad is also available in Dirk Eddelbuettel's Quantian bootable live-DVD distribution.


Rpad was created and implemented by Tom Short of EPRI who also currently maintains Rpad. Tom is also the author of the Electric Power Distribution Handbook by CRC Press. Many of the graphs and analysis done for this handbook were done in R.

Rpad is supported by EPRI, the Electric Power Research Institute. EPRI is using Rpad to offer engineering, information, and database solutions to electric utilities.

Acknowledgements and Background

Rpad brings together several powerful open-source technologies, specifically:

All of these programs are free and open source. That means that you can change them, and they are freely redistributable.

Rpad License

Rpad is free and open source software. The components of Rpad have different licenses. Different licenses for different parts were chosen to be most compatible with the portions of code that they extend. For the most part, the code follows the following licenses:

  by Tom Short, tshort@epri.com, Copyright 2004-2006 EPRI